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Rep. Bryan Slaton of Royce City Resigns Over Sexual Misconduct

Representative Bryan Slaton, (R) Royce City, officially resigned from the Texas House of Representatives today.

An investigation determined that Slaton had an inappropriate sexual relationship with a 19-year-old woman in his staff.

The committee of three Republicans and two Democrats recommended that Slaton be the first state representative expelled from the body since 1927.

The House General Investigative Committee released a 16-page report finding Slaton, who is 45 and married, had engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with his aide.

“Though Representative Slaton has submitted his resignation from office, under Texas law he is considered to be an officer of this state until a successor is elected and takes the oath of office to represent Texas House District 2,” Rep Andrew Murr wrote on Facebook.

"The Republican Party of Texas commends the Texas House for responding swiftly and appropriately to the reprehensible actions of Representative Slaton. The misconduct described in the General Investigative Committee Report should never be tolerated and is proper grounds for expulsion.  These actions have betrayed the trust that the people of Representative Slaton’s district put in him as an elected official, and he has rightly resigned. We are encouraged that this investigation signals that the House has entered a new era of accountability where all members will be held to the same fair and high standards.", said Republican Party of Texas Chairman Matt Rinaldi in a statement.


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